The SCARIEST thing you could ever see in a night club!!!

11 08 2008

OMG I went to the SupperClub in SF on Saturday night…  I thought it was supposed to be a nice upscale place with a twist – big white beds for people to eat/rest on, but I was shocked to see…

A variety of funky dressed people in crazy outfits and blue hair,  whos leader appeared to be a tall man wearing a bright blue full-body spandex suit, 6 inch (stripper-like) spandex platform heels, bunny ears, and a bunny tail.   Yes I had managed to go on the night they hosted a Burning Man party (but I didn’t know it).


Half way through the night, the guy (who’s been busy prancing around and getting people to spank him) randomly starts taking off his clothes (the blue spandex) and spends the rest of the night in just the stripper heels, a G-string, and bunny ears.   WOW  when you think it can’t get any worse, he kept making his way in circles around the club groping and molesting any man/woman/(child?) in sight.  There is pretty much nothing worse than being forced to watch a naked man in a g-string prancing around, pulling it up extra high and then spanking his white ass.  AAAARRRrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGG

Aside from that, the club wasn’t bad, the music started of slow, but got much better with the next DJ and a few drinks, but that guy was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Till next time …




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