3 Things you can do if you leave the corporate world!

8 08 2008

    Here’s a true story of my trials and tribulations in leaving my nice, comfortable, EASY corporate job (with a decent salary and company car), and starting my own business.  In fact the plan is starting several businesses


    The main business idea is a charity where I will pre-screen and pre-select the most effective charities. These charities have the lowest possible administrative expenses, and therefore have very small advertising/marketing budgets.  We help them stay focused on what they do best as we market their causes.  And now the hook…….

    We’re going to have the best place to donate online.  What we are creating is a fun, anonymous environment for people to share their past transgressions, get things off of their chest and then donate based on their “sin”.  The site is non-denominational.  All we want is to give people a chance to fix their karma and make this world a better place.

    Now on to the smaller projects … I’m currently spending a great deal of my time learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) .  At the beginning of the month I started from nothing … and only now am I really realizing how much I have yet to learn. 

The biggest problem we face is that we often don’t know what we don’t know.

    So as I increase my knowledge on the topic, my goal is to be able to offer my knowledge to others through an SEO Consulting website at reasonable prices.  There are a lot of great businesses out there that don’t realize the importance of organic search for their business and some that realize the importance, but have no clue on what they should do about it.   My plan is to be able to offer assistance to these small businesses.

    Next I plan to leverage my 6 years of experience in the convenience retail industry to offer consulting services to small convenience stores on all aspects of operations, and ways to improve their profitability.

    Yet another part of the plan is my acquisition of great sounding .com, .net, & .org domain names, putting up simple but optimized websites on those domains and selling them at a profit for a list of my domains for sale you can visit http://www.greatconsult.com

    If that wasn’t enough I’m also starting a free Energy Healing website.  The transfer of positive energy to promote healing is something that I’ve been studying for the past several years, and I hope that this site can help people. Hopefully I will be able to re-coup my hosting costs through adsense.

So I think I’ve written enough for now… Lets see what happens next 🙂




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