The SCARIEST thing you could ever see in a night club!!!

11 08 2008

OMG I went to the SupperClub in SF on Saturday night…  I thought it was supposed to be a nice upscale place with a twist – big white beds for people to eat/rest on, but I was shocked to see…

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Help me pick a name!!

9 08 2008

I need to decide on a name for my consulting company website.

My current top choices:


What do you think?  I’m open to other ideas … but the domain needs to be available.

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3 Things you can do if you leave the corporate world!

8 08 2008

    Here’s a true story of my trials and tribulations in leaving my nice, comfortable, EASY corporate job (with a decent salary and company car), and starting my own business.  In fact the plan is starting several businessesRead the rest of this entry »